For Schools

If you would like to bring your class to John Muir’s Birthplace we have information and resources you could use to have a very successful self directed visit. If you would like our help to create the perfect visit just let us know. We have a number of existing programmes that might be of interest. Perhaps you are doing a John Muir Award? A visit to John Muir’s Birthplace will complement your learning and is FREE to East Lothian schools.


A typical school visit to John Muir’s Birthplace includes a discussion on what the class already know about John Muir, followed by what they would like to find out and the different learning approaches that can be used. A simple record sheet is provided so that pupils are encouraged to explore and discover for themselves. All information gathered is summarised on a timeline that is taken back to school for follow-up work. Suitable for: P5 (Can be adapted for P1-S4), FREE (to East Lothian schools).
For P5 classes, a visit to John Muir’s Birthplace can form part of the wider John Muir Project, coordinated by ELC Arts Service and involving dance, drama and ELC Ranger Service elements as part of a John Muir Award. Please get in touch for more details.

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