Museum Shop

For those who are keen to discover more about John Muir, his life and legacy, and related subjects, there is a wide range of books available. These include the wee books series, published by Friends of John Muir’s Birthplace. Locally sourced and environmentally friendly cards and gifts are also on sale.  From time to time special items are available to complement current events and exhibitions.

‘Green’ visitors who have travelled to the Birthplace by public transport are welcome to a 10% discount on production of their ticket, also walking groups and those who have cycled (this cannot be combined with any other offer).

We have a great range of local and sustainably sourced gifts including:

Fiddy and Mabel Stock

  • Back from the Beach jewellery
  • John Muir Way Tea towels and buffs
  • Fiddy + Mabel screen-printed tote bags, tea towels and cards (pictured)
  • Chain Bridge Honey Farm toiletries
  • Gordon Jenkinson cards
  • Books