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An exhibition from one of our partner organisations, the John Muir Trust, as part of their Peatland Appeal. Discover more about this slow-growing, water-packed ecosystem that’s fast becoming recognised as an amazing collector of carbon, a rich archaeological site, and home to unique species of wildlife.

Due to COVID-19 we were unable to bring you this exhibition in the museum, however please use the link above for an online flavour of the content.

Museum Assistant David Anderson spent part of the 2020 lockdown amalgamating all his research on the buildings occupied by the Muirs on Dunbar High Street. What has emerged are tales of commerce, greed and deceit as we follow the lives of those who have occupied the site from the iron age onwards. First published as a series of blogs June – August 2020

An exhibition by Sheila Sim Photography. East Lothian has a long and proud heritage of gardening, and has produced several horticultural pioneers. With its good climate and fertile soil, the county has often been called ‘the garden of Scotland’.

This exhibition curated by Friends of John Muir’s Birthplace gave an overview of the history of the Sierra Club with an emphasis on John Muir’s involvement in the founding, and ethos, of the organisation.

Another exhibition from Friends of John Muir’s Birthplace  John Muir & Geology explores the Scottish heroes who helped unravel Dunbar’s geological history.