New schools resource up and running

We are grateful to Museums Galleries Scotland for a grant which has allowed us to produce a series of films outlining different aspects of John Muir’s life:

  • Where did John go on his 1000 mile walk?
  • What’s so special about Yosemite?
  • When did John die and what has happened since?
  • What did John Muir campaign for?
  • Did John go to school?
  • John Muir, lone walker or devoted family man?
  • Where did John go on his last long journey?
  • Did John ever return to Scotland?
  • How did John learn about farming?
  • How does Scotland remember John Muir?
  • What did John discover in Alaska?
  • Was the environment or his family more important to John Muir?

These films were researched and written by John Muir’s Birthplace staff during the lockdown in early 2021. Originally limited to just participating schools, we have decided to make the videos available for everyone to watch. You can access them here.