A Walk around John’s Dunbar

Have you found our new blog series on our Facebook Page yet? You might not be able to visit our building at the moment, so we thought we would highlight some of the places around Dunbar  that have a connection to John Muir.  He may only have lived in the town for the first 10.5 years of his life, but there are several places around the town that left such a vivid imprint in his memory, he found them easily on his return visit in 1893.  Indeed his book ‘The story of my Boyhood and Youth’ published in 1913 still evokes the smells and sounds of the North Sea familiar to those of us who live and work here today.  The first 2 instalments are published, with more on the way in the next few weeks. Make sure ou are following us on Facebook  to make sure you don’t miss a post. Enjoy!