Teddies travel to Yosemite!

We were delighted last week to receive some photographs of John Muir Way Teddies from our shop which had found their way to a wedding at Yosemite on John Muir’s Birthday, 21 April!  Back at the end of March John and Maureen came to visit the Birthplace and fell in love with our John Muir Way Tartan teddies.  They were going to a wedding in Yosemite on 21 April and wanted to buy the teddies for the bride and groom’s 1 year old twins.  Lovely idea except we only had 1 in stock!  Thankfully our friends at Nicholson Kiltmakers who designed the John Muir Way tartan and supply us with our stock were able to send on a companion, and together the teddies went to Yosemite.  The twins were so delighted with the teddies that they took them down the isle with them, and John and Maureen kindly sent us some photos of the day, and agreed we could share these with our followers.  Many congratulations to the bride and groom who look lovely in some beautiful surroundings.