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John Muir – A Local Man

Posted by Jo on 16 Jan 2012
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John Muir was a famous local man
Who came from sunny Dunbar
Born in 1838
He travelled near and far
Brought up in a strict religious home
His bible he did read
Taught by his father to follow God
And then he would succeed
John had a very big family
Siblings 8 in all
They loved to laugh and play fun games
But then he heard his call.
In early years he did find
That nature was his thing
He spent his life involved in such
And pleasures he did bring
From Scotland he travelled to the USA
On the President he made his mark
And persuaded him to set aside some land
And founded a national park
Yosemite was its name
148 million acres in size
He created it for the world to enjoy
America’s star prize
1914 was a very sad year
At 76 John Muir passed away
He left a legacy for life
One that would always stay
Nature is our future
Nature is our past
And if we all work together
Nature will always last.
Amy Broadhurst – Primary 5, Loretto RC Primary School, Musselburgh
Completed as part of the John Muir Citizenship Project and a John Muir Award

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