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John Muir’s Birthplace

Environmental Policy
John Muir’s Birthplace is managed by East Lothian Council Museums Service in agreement with the John Muir Birthplace Trust. The John Muir Birthplace Trust exists to promote knowledge of John Muir’s life and legacy, encourage participation in conservation and inspire people to follow in Muir’s footsteps.
JMBT trustees and the staff and volunteers of John Muir’s Birthplace recognise the environmental issues associated with the Birthplace’s activities relating to waste, water and energy management as well as the issues relating to peripheral activities. We aim to implement all reasonably practicable measures to prevent degradation of our surrounding environment and will comply with all current regulations, legislation and approved codes of practice.
John Muir’s Birthplace will:
·        Ensure that we meet or exceed all relevant and current environmental legislation regarding our business operations.
·        Strive to ensure that all our waste is handled, stored and disposed of as required not only by legislation, but also as examples of best practice.
·        Works to reduce the amount of waste produced and promotes a zero waste policy to groups.
·        Investigate and implement measures, which reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy (especially water, electricity and gas).
·        Investigate and implement opportunities for increasing recycling initiatives.
·        Strive to minimise the risk of pollutant disposal to water, land and air.
·        Establish targets to support the Birthplace’s Environmental Policy and review them regularly to improve our environmental performance.
·        Provide appropriate training to staff and volunteers to enable them to implement the Birthplace’s Environmental Policy.
·        Provide visitors with information on how to offset their carbon footprint.
·        Exercise control over environmental impacts arising as a result of work being undertaken on our behalf by sub-contractors and suppliers.
·        Endeavour to purchase shop stock from local craftspeople and sustainable sources.
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